Vlad´s Transylvanian Takeout

In 2018, I had the pleasure to design some cool stuff for Tim Bach´s action family adventure series The Family Graves. Amongst various stationery and banners was this fun piece: the packaging for Vlad´s Transylvanian Takeout (a fast food brand mentioned in the book on two panels), a playfull insider joke and a neat take away for buyers at local comics retailers.
The LEGO dude is featured just for size comparison.
Check out the book in print: http://sourcepointpress.storenvy.com/collections/747492-comic-books-and-graphic-novels/products/23855313-the-family-graves-4
or digital: https://www.comixology.eu/Family-Graves/comics-series/118139?ref=Y29taWMvdmlldy9kZXNrdG9wL2JyZWFkY3J1bWJz