My creator owned comicbook series RONIN BLOOD, published by EMPAYA Comics.
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Medieval Japan, late 16th century, Sengoku period. It´s a time of constant war.
Until a few days ago Toshiro Toranaga was the leader of a fearless group of elite samurai. Now he is alone and on the run from shapeshifting Tengu demons. He only wishes to end this hell of a failure mission and get back to his family. Whoever tries to stop him, will meet the sharp end of his blade.
Kaneda Hachiman won´t live in the shadow of his heroic father and grandfather no more. He claims to be someone else each time he meets a stranger and tries to hide his incompetence and chubbyness behind stolen armor and fake history. Also, he owes money to some really dangerous people and they demand payback.
Both are outsiders and failures with a strong passion for life in a society fascinated with death.

Martin plsko snow 00

Issue 1, cover

Martin plsko issue1 page8

Issue 1, page 8

Martin plsko issue1 page22

Issue 1, page 22

Martin plsko issue2 cover

Issue 2, cover

Martin plsko preface issue2

Issue 2, preface (what happened in the previous issue)

Martin plsko issue2 page1

Issue 2, page 1

Martin plsko issue2 page9

Issue 2, page 9

Martin plsko issue2 page11

Issue 2, page 11

Martin plsko issue2 page17

Issue 2, page 17

Martin plsko issue2 page20

Issue 2, page 20

Martin plsko issue2 page22

Issue 2, page 22

Martin plsko issue3 page1

Issue 3, page 1

Martin plsko issue3 page3

Issue 3, page 3