Changeling concepts

Concepts for characters from sci-fi comics Changeling. The main character, Jessica, and the evil Nazis that tried to held her captive.
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Written by Frank W.Wilson. Co-designed by Frank W.Wilson and Martin Plško.

Martin plsko fuchs1

SS Standartenfuehrer Hans Fuchs, uniform concepts.

Martin plsko fuchs2

SS Standartenfuehrer Hans Fuchs, expressions and his berett.

Martin plsko jessica1

Jessica Tanner, special forces agent, uniform concepts.

Martin plsko jessica2

Jessica Tanner, special forces agent, expressions study.

Martin plsko beck1

Major Victor Beck, Oberstabsarzt, uniform concepts.

Martin plsko beck2

Major Victor Beck, Oberstabsarzt, expressions study.

Martin plsko keller1

Captain Rosa Keller, Hauptmann, uniform concepts.

Martin plsko keller2

Captain Rosa Keller, Hauptmann, expressions study.

Martin plsko armor

Jessica´s body armor.

Martin plsko hair color

Hair color chart, comes in handy for coloring.

Martin plsko soldiers

Enemy soldier uniform concepts.