First Forged, character designs

In 2019 I was commissioned to design the characters for an Instagram comics, which I would also draw. The series is called First Forged, and the main character is Denis First, a real life DJ and club owner.
The designs are based on the descriptions by the client and the writer (Jack Price), with some tweaks from my side.

Martin plsko df 01

The main character and his sister, in regular and combat ready clothes. the hero later changes into a superhero with a skull head.

Martin plsko df 02

The wise old man and main wizard.

Martin plsko df 03

The general and his troops.

Martin plsko df 04

More hero troops.

Martin plsko df 05

The gangster and the young DJ upstart.

Martin plsko df 06

The baddies: the skullheaded bad guy and his general (in regular clothes).

Martin plsko df 07

The bad guy army with the main love interest - she is a good girl, who had to choose the bad side.

Martin plsko df 08

More bad guy troops + combat clothes for the general.

Martin plsko df 09

The undead army with inverted skulls :)